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"Armed with a spatula in one hand and great ingredients in the other, Victorian burger chefs are serving up their pride and joy night after night to the growing hoards of burger lovers across the state. The team behind The Burger Book - Victoria's Best Burgers has searched through pub and parlour, trekked from cafe to corner store, roamed from restaurant to bar, to compile the book about the best burgers Victoria has to offer.

This book is your guide to the humble hamburger in all its forms - from the burger by the bay to the pre-football fix, the hangover cure - all celebrating the ultimate meal using all of the five food groups.

The meal that was once solely attributed to fast food, now features across the full dining spectrum. We'll provide mouth watering pages of signature burgers, you provide an empty stomach."

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Hard Cover
ISBN 978-0-9873712-4-9

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